Ким Кардашьян готовится к родам третьего ребенка
Kanye West will be present at the birth of his second daughter.

Ким Кардашьян готовится к родам третьего ребенка

Photo: @ @ kimkardashian/Instagram

Kim Kardashian,
which very soon will become a mother for the third time, was postponed for a time all things,
to focus on the preparation for the appearance in her house of her one child.
As previously reported, the third child for Kim bears hired her
surrogate mother. Kardashian said that he was going to be
at the birth of the child. Moreover, Kanye West,
spouse Kim also confirmed that he
also sure to be in the delivery room at the time of the appearance of his third Chad
into the light. As told
Kardashian, she eagerly awaits the birth of the baby: as revealed
the star of the reality show in November, her family added another daughter.
We will remind: at present, Kim is raising 2-year-old son of St and 4-year-old daughter North.

Recently, Kim shared his
concerns. The fact that the North is very nervously responded to the birth
younger brother Sant. It is a long time so insanely jealous of that
Kardashian had to hide in a dressing room to feed her baby.
And when that didn’t help, smart enough to invest in the Cup of the bra bag
milk to until she gave the chest St, North saw, lying beside her on
bed, your drink through a straw.

Photo: @ @ kimkardashian/Instagram

And, as
Kim admitted that she’s afraid that this time will be still more difficult. After All, Senta
she was carrying herself, and North, watching mommy’s belly grow, morally
preparing for the advent of brother. And now, when not yet born youngest
sister North is located in the abdomen in “alien Auntie”, the girl will be even more difficult
to accept the idea that her mother is distracted by another one
child. However, Kim figured out how
to correct the situation, it asked the North to come up with a name for the sister. It
according to Kardashian, to help her eldest daughter take the youngest sister.