Kim Kardashian planning plastic surgery

Ким Кардашьян планирует пластическую операцию
The star of the reality show decided to change the shape of the bust.

Ким Кардашьян планирует пластическую операцию

Kim Kardashian

Photo: @balmain (Balmain Instagram)

As reported
the publication of “Now magazine”, citing information received from girlfriend Kim Kardashian, star
a reality show in the near future is going to be subjected to surgical
intervention. She is unhappy with the shape of your bust and wants to enlist the help of
plastic surgeon.

It all began
from what Kim said: the form of her famous bust, which she
boasts, is far from perfect. It happened when she was preparing to put in his microblog photo shoot Topless, which was also attended by young
model Emilia Ratzkowski. After reviewing the photos, Kim was horrified: she
noticed that her right breast looks significantly bigger than the left. Besides
also, in comparison with the bust of Emilia, the object of her pride looked much less

Kim Kardashian


Kardashian knew her famous bust suffered as a result of the fact that she breast-fed their children – first daughter North, and now also his son West. And yet, when she carefully examined the pictures, terribly upset. Of the more than 100 frames made Kim could hardly choose one, and then was dissatisfied with the result. After that, she decided it was time to visit a plastic surgeon. In principle, Kardashian planned this visit for a long time. Because at the time the star said: “I wore a bra with cups size “C” when I was 11-year-old girl. And one day I will pull your bust. I really want to wait till they give birth!”

And now when Kardashian gave birth to two children, and third, on the advice of doctors, will bear and give birth to her surrogate mother, the time has come to implement the plan. However, there was one problem. The fact that the spouse star Kanye West lost his mother due to complications after a failed plastic surgery. And he made Kim give him the word that she not put herself in the same danger. So now Kardashian will have to choose: either to give up their dreams, or to break the word to her husband…

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