Kim Kardashian may be a mom of twins

Ким Кардашьян может стать мамой близнецов
Socialite remembered the old prediction of the psychic.

Ким Кардашьян может стать мамой близнецов

Fans of Kim Kardashian vividly discussing the news:
there was a rumor that a surrogate mother hired by the reality star,
pregnant with twins!

It all started with the fact that Kim was on his
the page on the social network has decided to ask fans of the Board: she wanted
to learn which models of double strollers are stronger and more practical. All immediately decided
that Kardashian has already begun preparations for
the birth of twins, although it was rumored that a surrogate is carrying
for Kim daughter. The reality star seems to be denied the theory of their fans.
“Stop it, I already have two kids!” she responded to questions about
possible twins. But this explanation didn’t sound very convincing.
First, the eldest daughter of Kim — North for four and a half years, and she probably wouldn’t need
stroller. And Sant, who in December will be two years, too long ago
well I learned to walk, and when he gets tired, Kim wears it on his hands. It
generally very rarely use strollers.

But soon after the publication of the “tweet” Kim, triggering
discussion of fans, a new cause for suspicion. Reporters managed
to track down a surrogate mother hired by Kardashian. She already for a long time
appeared in public, and the paparazzi were impressed by the size of her
belly. Although according to official information, this woman could give birth in late January
2018, it looked like it’s already on the eighth month as
at least. That indirectly confirmed the version about the fact that she’s carrying twins.

It is curious that in the Wake of these rumors reporters
unearthed an interview with Kardashian, which she gave back in 1915. Then Kim said,
some time ago, a psychic predicted her in 2018
certainly will give birth to twins. And, as told Kardashian, “this is absurd
the prophecy” she was so angry that I interrupted with the aforementioned “specialist”
all contacts…