Kim Kardashian lost 20 pounds

Ким Кардашьян похудела на 20 килограммов
The star of the reality show has boasted of its achievements.

Ким Кардашьян похудела на 20 килограммов

Kim Kardashian. January 2016

Photo: Splash News/East news

Kim Kardashian. March 2016

Photo: Splash News/East news

Kim Kardashian has announced she is close to that
to return to their previous shape. Kim claims that she lost already
about 20 pounds, so she left to get “all” from

The star of the reality show was extremely
upset when by the end of her second pregnancy found gained
more than 30 pounds overweight. And once at the beginning of December last year, she gave birth to
from the wife of Kanye West’s son of course, Kardashian has set a goal to return to their former
indicators. But this was not as easy as she expected.
At first the process of weight loss is progressing very slowly. And only after
Kim sat down on the hard protein diet, there has been some progress. Star
desperately “nostalgic” for his former shape and was constantly put in
network your old photos — that time when she was proud of her waist… And now, after more than three months after
delivery, star can finally enjoy the fruits of your perseverance. “I was able
to get into shape for fitness! I wish I can soon
to put on the other your old and favorite things!” — posted by Kim on
his page on the social network.

By the way, envious Kardashian
claimed that she was so ashamed of his not too delicate patterns, what else
a month ago, used for filming the TV show secret hired and much more
slender than Kim double. Like it or not, hard to say. But a few days
ago Kardashian actually met with my real-life DoppelgangeR — a very popular
online beauty Camilla Osman. Of course, Kim couldn’t resist,
to make a selfie with his “twin”. This photo made extremely strong
the impression on fans of the stars. Because many of them are unable to guess:
anyone of the girls in the photo — Kim and who

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