Ким Кардашьян вступилась за сестру Хлое

Just recently, the network appeared information about the fact that the father daughter Chloe cheated on her with her best friend Kylie Jenner. About when the star herself learned about the incident is not spoken, but the network has condemned the release of Chloe right after the announcement of the news! Kim Kardashian broke down and sent a message to all those who think that her sister had to grieve and not to leave the house.

“You’d rather she lost the money also? She is a single mother and have to work. It was her professional obligation, which was scheduled in advance. And believe me, she doesn’t expect what someone will pay her bills or provide for her daughter. Point!” writes Kim on Twitter.

The Chloe’s direct comments about the situation but not addressed to her ex-boyfriend a message in the same tweet: “the Most severe pain is the pain that you cause people understand what that means for you. This betrayal was your blessing. If you ask about me, tell them that she was the only person who truly loved me, but I destroyed her”.

Again family life Khloe Kardashian’s not sweet. On the last month of pregnancy baby Labor baby’s father cheated on her. Chloe was very wise and for the sake of happiness of her daughter forgave the traitor. However, a long and strong relationship on lies not build. Khloe Kardashian has dumped the father of her child after another betrayal!

As the portal TMZ, on Sunday evening, February 17 Tristan Thompson caught kissing jordyn woods, best friend Kylie Jenner. Different sources report different information about Valentine’s Day. Some report that the holiday Tristan spent with family, and others that the athlete was going to spend the day with Chloe and Labor, but in the end his plans broke something. Star has not yet commented on the incident.

And this is after Chloe forgave beloved! “They’re back together. And although none of her family doesn’t approve, she loves him a lot,” — said the insider.

Chloe forgave the cheater, despite requests from the family. Betrayal of the beloved Chloe and the father of the newborn girl became for them a real shock. This behavior is inexcusable, so the star family wants Chloe stopped with Tristan any relationship. “Tristan angered the whole of the Kardashian family. Now the main thing for all of them — to bring Chloe home and not to endanger the baby. Her family believe that her best interests to end the relationship with Tristan, but in any case they will support her to do,” he added.

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