Ким Кардашьян извенилась за защиту Джеффри Стара

The star of instagram, Kim Kardashian West has apologised to fans for defending racist remarks beauty blogger Jeffrey old.

Ким Кардашьян извенилась за защиту Джеффри Стара

On Monday, 14 August Jeffrey Old in his Twitter account left a recording, where openly criticized the new sample set for the contouring of the makeup line Kim Kardashian. The star showed off a sample on my instagram, where the story captured how deals powder on hand that would show the product on the skin. Comments old very outraged fans what they, began to remember the racist remarks and comments which beauty blogger has done in the past. Kim decided not to stand aside and immediately defended the old in the same story, telling fans to “get off his ass” and “not to remember what happened in the past.” Recall that video 12 years ago in which the Old makes racist remarks recently surfaced, that he hastened to apologize.

For protection, 36-year-old Kardashian has received a lot of angry comments and criticism from fans, for which she had to apologize. On Tuesday, the star has exhibited his explanation and apology to Snapchat.

Ким Кардашьян извенилась за защиту Джеффри Стара

“I would like to apologize to all you fans for what he defended yesterday’s situation, about which nothing was known,” explained Kardashian. “I feel naive and really want to apologize for what he considered their right to say not to pay attention to the situation, including racism.”

Star tried to convey to his fans that did not want not who is evil. Asking them not to pay attention to the situation and not to speak maliciously about the old, Kim, is only vyslovene his desire to see in your account only positive. Star asked to leave the past behind and move on their fans.

Now, the star of the reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, which educates children with mixed nationalities, admitted that she did not realize what message she was sending to the audience.

“I do feel guilty and I just want to move forward and stay positive,” for the umpteenth time was again the star. “My last message — I believe that people are born to love and born in love and find it hard to hate. Therefore, I have always had hope that people can change, and can learn to be better and to do better, and will be able to find love again. Never stop hoping. This is my message for today and that was always what I wanted to say. I believe that people can change, I believe the best of people, and never betray the faith. Just want people has been positive.”

After this sentimental message, Kim is expected to move fans and forget the situation, but in response received only incredulous comments. “How could you be naive to racism, if your husband is black. And you have two mixed children.” writes one of the fans on Twitter.

To such statements, the star only asks for the umpteenth time, that her audience had moved on, and forgave old, who also apologized in a video message. The promise of a Kardashian to stay positive and to let go.