Ким Кардашьян готова записать новое секс-видео

As you know, the glory to Kim Kardashian came not because of her talents but because of leaked the scandalous sex tape, which Kim had fun with her boyfriend.

In the near future, as reports OK magazine! Kardashian wants to try to repeat the success of that video and present to the public their intimate relationship with Kanye West.

“Now there are so many people who want to depose Kardashian from the throne of success that Kim has to go to desperate measures in order to stay in the game,” says the informant.

Despite the desire of Kim, her husband, her in support.

According to the insider, when Kardashian, the rapper offered to remove “easy porn”, he was furious.

Close to the musician people say that he wants to leave this intimate and personal part of their marriage is closed off to everyone.

By the way, it plans to Kim about the nudity did not end there.

According to the National Enquirer in the near future Kardashian wants to open a luxury nudist beach for celebrities and rich people. “Kim and Kris (mom) discussed this idea a few years. the idea is to create a completely unique and independent from anything where celebrities can relax and be ourselves, completely naked,” says the informant.