Ким Кардашьян в отчаянии: ее дети ненавидят друг друга
The reality star complained of serious family problems.

Kim Kardashian with children

Photo: @ @ kimkardashian/Instagram

Kim Kardashian admitted she never
I thought that it would be so difficult with children. She hoped her 4-year-old daughter
The North will love her little brother Senta, and the result between them
established until just a terrible relationship. And this leads Kardashian in
despair. “I don’t know what it is. At first I thought
it’s just temporary — the fact that the North hates baby brother. She’s just crazy
went from jealousy when I fed the Saint with his chest. I said to myself: “Nothing
it will take a couple months and everything will change!” But time goes, and it’s not getting better…” —
told Kim.

As told by the star of the reality show, in order
to get rid of companies brother, who two years will be in
December, the girl learned to show exceptional resourcefulness. For example,
recently, Kardashian invited the daughter to arrange a children’s party for her friends
and children, friends. And what? North said he wants “the bachelorette”, which all the boys and men the entrance is strictly
banned! And when the kid, who also wanted to try sweets and
have some fun with all tried to go to the room North of his not too polite
pushed and slammed the boy
the nose of the door. It all ended up, naturally big “roar”, which
however, it is not impressed with the girl and forced her to change her

“You have no idea how I
really hard to move…” complained Kim. Incidentally, because of the constant
quarrels between children are suffering and her relationship with husband Kanye West. After all
Kardashian now rarely spend the night in their bedroom, as each
children require turns to sleep in his room…