Kim Kardashian is afraid to get pregnant

Ким Кардашьян панически боится забеременеть
The star is not ready to bear a third child.

Kim Kardashian


Recently, Kim Kardashian decided to tell fans what she fears more than anything else. It turns out that Kim is afraid to get pregnant! Star
published in his Snapchate photo of three pregnancy tests that she
made, fearing that once again is expecting a child. “Not pregnant! It was just panic!” — signed Kardashian his “revelation”.

Actually, fright Kardashian was caused not only that Kim is now no
what would you like to be pregnant because she only recently was able
to get rid of 30
pounds gathered over her time, when she was expecting son
Senta. The problem of the stars is much more serious: doctors
strongly recommend her to bear and give birth to another child.

The fact that both pregnancies took place at the stars of the reality show with a serious
complications. Kim was suffering from pain in back and stomach, swelling. Besides, the second child almost
the very end was in the wrong position, and she was threatened with a cesarean section. Moreover, Kardashian increased the pressure and there were the first signs
pre-eclampsia, complications that can lead to death of the expectant mother…

Fortunately, pretty tough, Kim still gave birth to two healthy
kids. However, to risk the third time she did not want to. Star
hinted recently that when she and her husband Kanye West are ready for the third
the child, she will prefer to use a surrogate mother.

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