Kim Kardashian has planned a fourth child

Ким Кардашьян запланировала четвертого ребенка
The reality star and mother of three children is not going to stop there.

Kim Kardashian


37-year-old Kim Kardashian wants to become a mother of another child: this became known after
as the reality star turned to a surrogate mother, and veneziasi
gave birth to her third child — daughter of Chicago, whom everyone called simply “Chi” – with a request to do it again. Available
information, the woman refused a new “order”, but asked me to allow her
to make a small break — at least a little rest after the birth.

Although Kardashian more than
enough assistants in the face-sitting,
sisters and her mom Kris Jenner, she, according to Kim, and she does a lot of work
with children. For example, the baby gets to Chi at night. However, as described
Kardashian, her younger daughter fortunately sleeps well. Kim is still very
pleased with the fact that her older children
4 year old and two year old North Saint calmly and kindly responded to
appearance in the house of a younger sister. After all, when was sent, the North was so jealous,
what Kardashian had to hide in a dressing room to feed the baby

Recall, the little Chi was born a little over a week ago.”Chicago West. Born on 15
Jan at 12: 47 am. Birth weight — 3 pounds 350 grams!” such
a message appeared on the page Kardashian in a social network. As explained
later on Kim, she’s the girl that name after the town in which I grew up, her husband and father
baby — Kanye West.

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