Ким Кардашьян официально подтвердила, что скоро станет многодетной мамой
The reality show star is concerned for the health of a surrogate mother.

Kim Kardashian


The rumors that Kim Kardashian will soon become
a mother for the third time, turned out to be true. The reality star, whose 4-year-old daughter North and year-old son of the Saint, has confirmed that she actually hired a woman who bears a star of another child. And the third child, the Kardashian will be born very soon.

Information about the fact that Kim signed a contract with
a certain resident of Los Angeles, whose name is kept secret leaked out yet
summer. Later it became known that the aforementioned woman is a married,African-American
who is not yet 30 years old. Then reporters managed to find out that Kim promised to pay
surrogate mother for her “mission” 45 thousand dollars. It has obliged
to comply with strict limits. She is strictly forbidden to consume
alcohol, but drink more than 1 Cup of coffee a day, ordered to refrain from painting
hair and even from contact with cats.

Recently hired Kim, the woman visited the house
Kardashian and her husband Kanye West. And this has led to an unforeseen problem in the network
leaked photos of a surrogate mother. And now, although Kardashian was hired for this
female bodyguard, she seriously fears for the safety of her and the baby.
Incidentally, Kim previously had to worry because of his venture,
however, for a totally different reason. Although initially it was reported that one of the
the main reasons that prompted Kardashian to choose this person, was excellent
health, things did not go as expected. In the course of pregnancy in
the women were having complications, so the doctors were forced to prescribe her
strict bed rest. And Kim was terribly nervous, as if complications not caused
damage to the health of the child. However, now as a surrogate mother has normalized,
and she returned to her normal life.