Kim Kardashian has made pardoning a prisoner for life

Ким Кардашьян добилась помилования заключённой пожизненно

37-year-old star’s instagram, Kim Kardashian recently met with Donald trump at the White house to discuss prison reform. The conversation was focused on the prisoner Alice Johnson. The conversations were not in vain and Alice pardoned!

Ellis was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole in 1996 for money laundering, storing and selling drugs. Excuse the prisoner was lack of money. She has a big family — five children, six grandchildren and one great-grandchild — whom it was necessary to feed after the divorce with her husband. Kim, this story really touched. Star heard about it in 2017 and is determined that will achieve the liberation of Alice by any means.

Kardashian considered that verdict unjust. The TV star said to Vanity Fair that “will do anything to get her out of prison.”

Good news Kim tweeted. She thanked the US President and his team for assistance. She already called Johnson and reported the good news. “Phone call, Alice will forever remain the best memory for me. To tell the news to her, hear her screams and cry together is a moment I will never forget,” shared Kim.

The network has already appeared video release of Alice, where she happily runs towards the family. Life an ex-convict will thank the star, and Kim will bathe in the glory for such a kind act.

Recall, she sought a meeting with the President to discuss its concerns about prison reform. Confirmation of the meeting of the President and the star of instagram was a photo that he put Donald in his instagram.
“Great meeting with Kim Kardashian, talked about prison reform and sentencing,” writes about meeting trump.