Ким Кардашьян похудела на 30 кг. И это не предел!

Celebrity overcame another milestone on the way to get rid of excess weight – to the cherished goal, she only needs to lose only 2 pounds.

And the purpose of Kim after the birth of her second child in December last year set a very ambitious – to reach a weight of 120 pounds (54,5 kg). And for that Kim needed to get rid of as much as 70 pounds (almost 32 kg). And here the celebrity is very close to the desired result on the scales, photos of which appeared in Snapchat Kim recorded weight 124.6 lbs (56.5 kg), and then reset left Kim only 2 kg.

A couple extra pounds of course does not prevent the media personality to show his form, and so she did, appearing in public in a classic black little dress form and really impressive.

Even the very impressive and Kim star as published in Snapshat video, which stands sideways, showing how thin became her waist. “Isn’t it, my waist looks like it has been photoshopped? – ironically asked Kim in the caption to the video. – Decrease in size – that’s so cool!”

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Video posted by Kim Kardashian Snapchats (@kimksnapchats), Jul 10 2016 12:31 PDT

Lose weight Kim on the low-carb Atkins diet, consuming less than 1800 calories a day, and the result is that the media personality had made in three months, impressive. Naturally, Kim is proud of it and even warned the other day his fans: “I didn’t post the naked selfie after losing weight? No. So get ready!”

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