Ким Кардашьян впервые показала лицо своего «суррогатного» ребенка
The star of the reality show “turned” daughter in a cute animal.

Kim Kardashian

Photo: Instagram.com

Kim Kardashian ecstatic: they finally had the opportunity to consider
the youngest daughter of the stars of the Internet. Kim shared a photo, which for the first time
showed the face of his 5-week-old baby Chi.

In fact, Kardashian had once
showed the girl, however, the last time
fans of the star managed to see “the package” — that is,
the child, wrapped in a diaper so that to see the Chi was just

this time Kardashian posted on his page in the social network photo
which captured a close-up of two faces — their own and Chi. Moreover, in an effort to embellish the picture, she processed it
a special “filter” — that is, added ears and tiny nose some
animal. “What a cutie! She is just wonderful and looks a bit like my sister
North, and a little bit the little brother of the Saint. But it also had its own
personality!” — so, Kardashian commented on the appearance of the girl.

recently told Kim, before Chi, which gave birth to a surrogate mother was born, Kardashian had the opportunity to experience very mixed feelings. “I am very glad that I did not have to first dial
excess weight and painful then to lose it…” — said Kim. After all, for both your pregnancy Kardashian
gained very much. For the first time when she was expecting my oldest daughter North’s future
mommy gained 24 pounds. And nurturing the son of the Saint, and even more on

as recognized by Kim, while she hired a surrogate mother bear
child, she was terribly nervous, much more than in their own
pregnancies. Kardashian said that she just “killed” the inability to control
the situation and she felt helpless. However
the choice of Kim was not there because the doctors categorically forbade her to give birth. They
warned Kardashian that with all her past complications by getting pregnant, she
would put their lives directly at risk.