Kim Kardashian first came out without wedding ring

Ким Кардашьян впервые вышла в свет без венчального кольца
The married stars of the reality show is nearing completion.

Ким Кардашьян впервые вышла в свет без венчального кольца

Kim Kardashian

Kanye West

Rumors about the marriage of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West going through
difficult time already spread. And recently 36-year-old Kim showed
how far has the crisis in her relationship with her husband. At the Christmas party in
his mother’s house in the night from Saturday to Sunday, Kris Jenner, Kim appeared not only Kanye, but also without his wedding
a ring on your finger. This was reported by the website

According to
the informant of the site, Kardashian has banned Kanye to come to this party, but toward morning he showed up. According to the testimony of the other guests, Kim
was outraged and pointedly ignored spouse. In the end, he left the party alone. The next day he
again seen without Kim — he came alone to the movies…

The crisis in relations Kardashian with her husband
began in the autumn, after the sensational robbery of Kim in Paris. She was then
so shaken by this event that had a nervous breakdown that
reflected on its relations with the West. And then the behavior of Kanye came out from under
control. Happened to him a violent attack of insanity, after which he
was hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital. While he was treated Kim
left husband, almost constantly on duty in the hospital. However, when West came out of
medical facility, Kardashian just in case put him in a separate
house to if again attack, did not hurt their children — her daughter North and son St. Apparently, Kim did not in vain, friends of Kanye saying he continues to behave at least strange.
His latest trick: rapper dyed his hair with spots of pink
to orange.

Shortly before Christmas, Kim made a few
attempts to “repair” their relationship. First she invited Kanye on “date”
in the restaurant, and then a couple days later, attended a performance of the Nutcracker at
theatre with her husband and daughter North. But both events took place
not too successfully. Neither West nor Kim failed to hide the bad
mood and barely spoke to each other. Kim, however, a couple of times
tried to smile on camera paparazzi came to the rescue, but it happened
it is not too convincing…