Kim Kardashian fears that she was pregnant

Ким Кардашьян опасается, что ждет ребенка American star live took six pregnancy tests. Kim Kardashian has not wanted to go back to mom, because she gave birth to her second child less than six months ago.

      Ким Кардашьян опасается, что ждет ребенка

      Kim Kardashian and Kanye West – Pets in America. This extravagant pair always gives the audience surprises. So, the reason for discussion is every step of the stars. The couple has two children, daughter North and the son of the Saint. The youngest child was born last year. During her pregnancy Kim was pretty overweight. To get rid of the hated pounds to help her nutritionists, trainers and plastic surgeons. However, the process still goes very slowly.

      Kim’s husband Kanye West does not confuse appetizing forms wife. Moreover, the rapper recently said that he wants a third child. The contractor will be happy if he finds out that his fiancee is pregnant again. However, she seems to this question is different. Recently, Kim said that the next time plans to use a surrogate mother. On my way home from the Cannes film festival Kardashian shared via “Snapchat” with fans anxious fears. Model suspected that she is pregnant again.

      In front of hundreds of subscribers who were at that moment online, directly in the plane over the Atlantic, Kim did six pregnancy tests. The results could not fail to please her. “You are pregnant” – was written on the display of one test.

      Ким Кардашьян опасается, что ждет ребенка

      Interestingly, according to us media reports, from the companies, the tests of which took advantage of the star dramatically increased sales. While no one Kardashian paid a dime for advertising.

      Recall, during pregnancy Kardashian shared her feelings with fans. Emotions the stars were not quite so enthusiastic as it might seem. “The time has come to tell the truth: pregnancy is the worst time of my life! I absolutely do not enjoy the moment and do not understand people who manage to do it. Here my mom and sister Courtney definitely worked. Flag in their hands, and I do not understand,” – said Kardashian to your subscribers when waiting for the son.

      Kim rody also did not strike her as simple. The second child American stars came to light three weeks ahead of schedule. The doctors diagnosed Kardashian placenta accreta that could provoke bleeding, so the doctors decided not to risk.

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