Kim Kardashian decided to compete for “the title of” Queen of Halloween

Ким Кардашьян решила побороться за «титул» Королевы Хэллоуина
The reality star presented her for the third way!

Ким Кардашьян решила побороться за «титул» Королевы Хэллоуина

Kim Kardashian

Photo: Instagram

This year, Kim Kardashian decided
outshine all celebrities, not inventing
one, but three costumes for the Halloween celebration. For a start, it flashed the image
singer aliyah, called the “Princess
style R&B”.
On this occasion, Kim covered her hair with the wig with bangs, dressed in
tight leather pants and halter top, and the neck adorned with your favorite necklace”choker”
singer. However, Kardashian was expecting a nasty surprise: some fans of aliyah
was shocked “masquerade” Kim, calling it “tasteless and disrespectful”.
After all, although the singer died tragically in plane crash, 15 years ago, fans of alia still can’t
to come to terms with her death. However, fans of Kim herself found that she was very
good in this manner.

However, the most successful yet
it was recognized the appearance of a Kardashian at
party in the 70s, organized by George Clooney and Randy Gerber —
in a cher costume. “I chose this image because I love cher!” — told the star
reality show. Kim dressed in Oriental style Golden embroidered chiffon impressed
even the 71-year-old singer. “You look just fine, my Armenian
sister. My costume, which I once called “Dreams about India” fits
you just perfectly!” — so cher has commented on the experiment of Kim.

Ким Кардашьян решила побороться за «титул» Королевы Хэллоуина

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian

Photo: Instagram

Kim Kardashian and Jonathan Cheban


However, Kardashian did not stop there. On
last night she appeared in a fancy suit with the “double
effect.” Kim decided to depict the Madonna, which, in turn, tried to copy Marilyn
Monroe! How did fans of Kim, although she, of course, failed to become the double of Madonna, but “blonde” wig and
white dress with very deep cleavage, she still looked
quite well. Besides, it was a pair out: Kim was accompanied by her
sister Kourtney, dressed under Michael Jackson! So the two sisters were able to
most likely to reproduce the famous appearance of the Madonna and Jackson
the Oscars in 1991-m to year. However, feel the winner of the Halloween
masquerades this year, Kardashian is still early. Because your suit has not yet
showed the main “champion” of disguises — Heidi Klum, who each year
produces a sensation in his transformation.

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