Kim Kardashian condemns the sisters relationship with Corey Gamble

Ким Кардашьян осуждает отношения сестры с Кори Гемблом

“Strange” and “unacceptable” views the relationship of his sister Courtney with her lover mother Kris Jenner Corey Gabel star of the reality show “Life with Kardashians” , Kim.

Lately, Courtney and Corey spend a lot of time together and even shot to fame best friends. See beloved daughter and Chris daily, almost every hour communicate in social networks. Not surprisingly, the sisters begin to look askance with a lack of understanding on his cousin.
Kim was not very close with Cory and barely spoke with him a few words, despite the fact that Chris is with him in a relationship for a long time. Kourtney said to Kim that if she was interested in not only yourself, you would know a lot more about the man who today or tomorrow may be their stepdad.

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