Kim Kardashian celebrates the victory over himself

Ким Кардашьян празднует победу над собой
The star of the reality show returned to its prenatal form.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Photo: @Instagram @ kimkardashian Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has shared in his microblog the good news to many
fans (by the way, her page on the social network as much as 70 million subscribers!). The star of the reality show managed to get back to my prenatal weight. “Yes! My scales again showed 61 and a half pounds! It is a victory!!!” —
wrote the star.

The battle for Kim
a return to the prenatal form began in December last year, soon
after she gave birth to their second child — son Sant. Case
that both the pregnancy proceeded difficult and Kim both times, she gained a lot
extra pounds. So, for the time, while she was carrying Senta, Kardashian
managed to recover 32 pounds!

as Kim set a goal — to get back to my prenatal weight — she immediately embarked on its implementation. But to achieve
desired was much harder than she expected. Kardashian tried
a lot of diets, but still moved towards its goal much more slowly than her
I would like to. Finally, she decided to sit down on the protein Atkins diet is a very effective,
as argued by her friends who have tried this method on myself, but not safe
for health, say doctors.

Kim and the selected power mode at last has brought
fruit. In March, the star boasted that lost 20 pounds. However,
the last 12 were the most resistant. But now, finally, she got rid of
and from them. Now Kim, who all this time was so homesick for my former
the form content. She has returned to the photo shoots half-naked form and could
to climb, to his delight, favorite old outfits.

as recognized by Kim, she is now again able to afford at least occasionally
to feast on their favorite “forbidden” sweets — like poured sugar icing
donuts or sweet she adored alcoholic cocktails with fruit.

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