Ким Кардашьян пришла на вечеринку в прозрачном платье
The star of the reality show told about the secrets of his wardrobe.

Ким Кардашьян пришла на вечеринку в прозрачном платье

Kim Kardashian at a party to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Vogue magazine

Photo: Splash News/East news

Kim Kardashian at the reception of De Grisigono in Cannes

Photo: Splash News/East news

Kim Kardashian, who is madly in
proud to have returned finally to his “earlier” weight cannot
to resist, to not constantly brag about their achievements. So, yesterday she
again appeared in the outfit, which allowed all parts to see her
postroynevshy figure. Moreover, to demonstrate their forms Kim chose
almost transparent dress.

In his provocative dress Kim
arrived at the party, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Vogue magazine. Actually dress the stars presented a two-layer construction. Under
top layer of sheer lace on the Kardashian was still sheath.
However, it was so thin and so precisely “hit” in the color of her skin that
it looked as though Kim was wearing her Lacy outfit directly on the bare

Recently Kim constantly
appearing in public in transparent or highly risky outfits. However,
her dress, in which she shone at the reception of De Grisigono in
Canne, was not the most daring in her collection. And recently Kim
shared in social networks with their fans curious history connected
with this outfit.

The fact that she purchased her outfit, which was also double-layered, very shortly before departure. And when it is a few hours before departure I decided to try it,then noticed to his chagrin that the bottom of the dress which was intended to blend in with the tone of her skin, is actually much lighter.

And then Kim came up with a brilliant idea. She filled the sink with water, which threw a few tea bags. And then put the resulting “paint” your dress. The result of the star was satisfied. However, the time she has not remained so, although she dried her outfit a Hairdryer, it still remained wet. So finally the clothes were dry already on her figure during the reception. Fortunately, none of the guests did not notice anything.

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