Kim Kardashian builds a bunker from robbers

Ким Кардашьян строит бункер от грабителей
The star of the reality show can never recover from their trauma.

Ким Кардашьян строит бункер от грабителей

house in Los Angelese

As it became known, Kim Kardashian, recently survived an armed robbery, decided to equip
her Los Angeles house a refuge from thieves. In its order, the builders build
absolutely impenetrable to outsiders refuge with an Autonomous system
life-support and independent from the rest of the house communication system. Planned
strength asylum is such that it can withstand the fire of any strength and earthquake
to 7 points. The cost of the silo will be not less than 100 thousand dollars. About this
reported the Internet edition of the Daily

Kim, which she
claims miraculously survived during the invasion of criminals in her hotel room
in Paris, still can not recover from trauma. As
said her sister Kourtney, Kim is going through
a real nervous breakdown. The reality star started having panic attacks, she’s afraid to be alone. At night she
wakes up screaming because of her nightmares. Kim regularly attends
sessions the therapist, but it helps until not too…

More than 2 weeks after
the return of Kim refused to get out of the house. Kardashian apologized
to his fans, announcing that for some time out of the fame
her TV show, citing health reasons. She at the last moment cancelled
your order for a Grand party to celebrate her 36th birthday
luxurious nightclub in Las Vegas and losing a tremendous amount.

However, a million
dollars — a mere trifle compared to the financial losses resulting from the
robbery, when the criminals stole her jewelry for almost 10
of millions of dollars. Although Kim has a chance to get at least part of this amount
back, because her jewelry was insured.