Kim Kardashian apologized for dark skin

Ким Кардашьян извинилась за тёмную кожу

American star reality show Kim Kardashian had to apologize for his too dark skin on the posters of his new cosmetic line KKW BEAUTY. Products are not yet on sale, but the celebrity never ceases to keep the suspense for members. But not all advertising pictures Kim is admired by many puzzled about the fact that the photo from Kardashian’s skin tone much darker than in real life. Had to be the star of the reality show “living with the Kardashian” to make excuses for the work of the retouchers, and even in an interview with The New York Times Kim has mentioned this situation.

“I had no purpose to offend someone. I work with an amazing photographer and a team of real professionals, and at the time of filming I really was more tanned. Maybe pictures really are very contrasting, but I showed them to many people before publishing it to the Network, and no one paid attention to my skin tone. Out of respect for my followers, whose opinion is important for me, we edited the pictures in this ad campaign. problem solved” said Kim.
By the way, Western media believe that the products of the cosmetics company KKW BEAUTY sells out in minutes. So it was in the beginning of the launch of the brand sisters Kim and Kylie Jenner, who at nineteen is a successful business woman. Of course, the fear there girls: Kim is more influential and experienced, and can easily leave the brand behind, but Kylie fervently hoped that to get on her bad side she will not.