Kim Kardashian announced that her daughter died

Ким Кардашьян сообщили, что ее дочка погибла
The reality star first talked about her experiences horror.

Kim Kardashian

Photo: @Instagram @ kimkardashian Kim Kardashian

Children are Kim Kardashian very
it is not easy. Fans of the star had the opportunity to see this again, when the star
the reality show told the horrifying story that happened with her during her first

Although this incident had
place for quite some time, Kardashian only now found the strength to tell
about it. As told to Kim, which was then embroidered their daughter North, one
the day she felt very bad. She started bleeding and she hurried
to go to the hospital. Looking around the Kardashian doctor announced disappointing news:
he stated that her child died. Kim was scheduled for an operation to extract never
the unborn baby… But when she was already in the operating room and hooked up to
devices, on the monitor suddenly appeared heartbeat signal of her child!

Not surprisingly, though down
before the birth of North, Kim was very careful, tried not to overload and
comply with all medical advice, she didn’t let go of the fear that the child is still
something might happen. However, to relax it failed anyway: both
her pregnancy is accompanied by numerous complications. The hardest of the was
preeclampsia, accompanied by a rapid increase in pressure and ingrowth
of the placenta, often leading to fatal bleeding.

That’s why Kim, who
longed for a third child, did not dare to give birth to it herself, because the doctors
warned her that it could cost her her life. Therefore, according to the information
overseas media reports, Kardashian hired a surrogate, which is currently
carrying her child. Reportedly, the third child Kim needs to see the light
at the beginning of 2018.