Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan got into a fight on instagram

Ким Кардашьян и Линдси Лохан поссорились в инстаграме

Kim Kardashian put a picture in story, which showed subscribers their new hairstyle. The post surprised not only fans of the stars, but actress Lindsay Lohan. Lohan did not like that African braids Kim attributed the style of the white actress Bo Derek, not the African-American culture in General. When blogger Perez Hilton put up a picture of Kim in a new way and asked opinions from his followers, Lindsay did not remain silent and expressed his opinion in the same emotions.

“I am discouraged,” writes in the comments under the photo, the actress. Kardashian decided to respond to Lohan, “you Know what is even more surprising? Your sudden foreign accent.»

Kim was referring to the emphasis Lohan, with whom she started talking after I moved to London. The actress traveled to Europe and studied several languages including Russian and Turkish.

At the moment, Lohan lives in Dubai. Recently, visiting a show Wendy Williams, the star talked about the relationship with his father and future plans in Dubai. Many years Lindsay had not talked with his father, but in the Studio happily announced to the audience that was reconciled with him. Her parents first divorced when the future actress was three years, and then reunited. However, in 2005, decided to live separately, and in 2007 finally divorced. The actress believes that it is better to give parents the opportunity to deal with their problems. “I think the parents have their relationship, which should not be involved with children. We need to step back and let the parents figure out everything in between… we all Have now excellent relations,” said Lindsey my point of view on account of the situation prevailing in her family. Words Lindsay directly heard parents who were sitting in the hall.

As mentioned earlier, Lohan wants to build your business. Until that time, she did not disclose details. Now, the actress said that it plans not one small project. The actress wants to create “the island of Lohan” in the Persian Gulf near Dubai. For example Donald trump she wants to build an Empire, calling it by its name.

“I love the life in new York, but I like peace of mind, which find in the middle East. In Dubai they don’t watch me camera, so I can focus on myself,” previously told Lindsay about life in Dubai.

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