Kim Kardashian accused of fraud

Ким Кардашьян обвинили в мошенничестве
The reality star will sue attacking her website.

Kim Kardashian


the case of the robbery of Kim Kardashian in Paris hotel, which she
claims occurred on 3 October, there has been an unexpected turn. The Internet site published a series of articles dedicated to this topic. They argued that
no robbery actually wasn’t. And in fact, took place
re-enactment, organized by the most 35-year-old star of the reality show. And everything was done for the sole purpose
receiving large sums from the insurance company to cover incurred

it became known a few days after returning from France to USA,
Kardashian has indeed filed a lawsuit to the company, which was insured her jewels. Kim asked about 8
million dollars, which is quite a substantial sum even for such a
wealthy people like the Kardashians.

this, doubts about the authenticity described
the reality star event expresses not only So, the website Radar online said
what has video, after viewing which there are serious
doubts about the authenticity of the story Kim.

We are talking about recorded assistant Kardashian
the scene took place immediately after the “robbery”. How to claim
experts who have viewed this piece, Kim looks just unnatural
calm. And not quite like a woman, the head of which, as she claimed, most recently holding a gun. But not in the room shows absolutely no signs of defeat…

that Kardashian immediately responded to the charges against her. At
request the lawyer star has opened so far, only one lawsuit against It says: “After Kim became the victim of a horrendous and hard
the traumatic event of robbery from France, back in the US, again she was
the victim of a website specializing in the gossip, trying to put it
a liar and cheat. These charges are simply criminal and not
should remain unanswered!”