Kim Cattrall was embarrassed to be naked in “Sex and the city”

Ким Кэттролл стеснялась раздеваться в «Сексе в большом городе»

Who plays Samantha Jones in “Sex and the city,” admitted that the image of the blonde without complexes it was not easy.

It turns out that Kim Cattrall and Samantha Jones – two opposites, in real life the actress is quite modest… At least so she said in a recent interview the Australian edition of the Daily Mail.

“When I read the script and it got to episodes with very explicit scenes, I thought, “How can I do it on camera?!” – said Kim Cattrall.

Also, the actress said that she felt awkward in the series, where her character is decided on a Nude shoot in old age to look at pictures and remember his perfect body. “I felt very uncomfortable at this moment, – admitted the star. — Actually I’m not as liberated as Samantha.”

While Kim noted that the heroine in the series forced her to change some traits of character: to become more brave and drop all complexes. Here only did it help her in life – is unknown. The actress once said that the role of Samantha destroyed her personal life. Men perceive it only in the image in the series and I’m afraid to build her family life.

As you know, Cattrall has never been married and has no children. Although its 60th anniversary this year she said with a young boyfriend (see pictures HERE).