Ким Кэтролл жестко ответила Саре Джессике Паркер: «Ты не моя семья. Ты не мой друг»

In the family of a 61-year-old Kim cattrall it was a great tragedy — her brother Chris was found dead after he went missing. Grief-stricken actress has confirmed the news, after they asked for help from fans in his search. Many friends and fans supported cattrall and expressed their condolences, including former colleague on the series “Sex and the city” Sarah Jessica Parker. She wrote a message of condolence addressed cattrall, and that love is not felt, very sharply responded the actress.

Ким Кэтролл жестко ответила Саре Джессике Паркер: «Ты не моя семья. Ты не мой друг»

“Dear Kim, I’m sending you and your loved ones my love and condolences in the passing of your beloved brother,” writes Parker, cattrall.

“I don’t need your love and support during this tragic time… My mom’s said, “When this hypocrite will leave you alone?”Your constant reminder to myself is a painful reminder of how cruel you were and continue to be. Let me explain, if still unclear. You’re not my family. You’re not my friend. I write this to say for the last time. Stop using our tragedy to restore their own image of cute girl” wrote Kim in Instagram.

Most fans are not surprised this turn of events, after all the negativity towards Jessica, not without reason. According to some sources close to the stars, famous four has never been particularly friendly. “For anybody not a secret that the girls had their problems for many years. They are very talented, but don’t think for them it was easy.»

Actress Kim cattrall told Piers Morgan who was interviewing her that “she could be nicer.”In turn, Parker did not comment on the decision of his colleagues to refuse to participate in the upcoming filming of the next parts of the feature film about four fashionistas in the big city. Only on Thursday for Extra she said that there is no hope for the continuation of filming and the whole Saga of the series and movies is officially “over”.

Finally, the relationship of the two Actresses have deteriorated after scandal with the third part of the film “Sex and the city”. According to her colleagues, Sarah Jessica Parker, who played in the series and the film, Carrie Bradshaw, cattrall began to make serious demands of the Studio, causing the fans not to see the third part. The actress denies the allegations and finally decided to give a clear reason for the refusal in the filming. According to Kim, it is because of the filming of the TV series “Sex and the city,” she never had a child.

The filming was for an actress is not easy. Tight schedule and a lot of work to not give Kim give birth to children. The filming process began in 1998, when cattrall was 41. She was married to mark Levinson. Then the pair began to think seriously to do IVF, because the star could not get pregnant. “I was a little over 40, I just started acting in “Sex and the city.” Was the chances of getting pregnant with IVF, about this procedure at that time, everyone was talking. But my schedule… Shifts lasted for 19 hours and even more. Sometimes the Friday work day we had completed only on Saturday morning. Monday’s shooting began at 4.45 am and ended an hour or two at night. How would I able to combine pregnancy and work, especially at this age? It was about a very big responsibility. I never thought life would be this way. It was the first time I realized that I would not have children,” says the girl.