Ким Кэттролл оскорбила Сару Джессику Паркер
The actress refused to shake hand.

Kim cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker


The quarrel between two of Hollywood Actresses Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker — has become increasingly fierce. Recently
Kim made a statement Sarah regarded as a direct insult.

As previously reported, a week ago, died beloved brother
Cattrall, Chris. When it became known about his death, Kim showered
many condolences. One of them
was the message Sarah Jessica. “Dear Kim, I send you my love and
condolences on the death of your beloved brother. May he rest in peace” — such
the text placed Parker on the page, Cattrall in the social network.

Grieving Kim was first thanked Sarah, writing,
that she was “grateful to my colleagues on “Sex and the city” for their sympathy”. But soon sharply
changed my attitude to this situation. Noting that she believes the behavior Parker
“cruel and hypocritical”, Cattrall said: “I don’t need Your love and
support. You are a member of my family and not my friend. I beg you to stop!
to speculate on the death of my beloved brother in order to put themselves in a favorable light. And if You still
something did not understand, then read this…” And put a link to last year’s
an interview in which he described the history of his relationship with Sarah Jessica.

According to Kim, their feud began back in the
the time when started to shoot a series. Then, Cattrall has already
to earn some credibility in the movie business, and the other three Actresses still
it was starting to become stars. As Kim says, they immediately began to “make friends
against it.» Slighted her as best she could, did not invite her to parties,
refused to take off with her housing, when the show traveled from new York
for shooting. Spread rumors that she’s been ragging me because of the fees and requires
special relationship. At the same time, the audience all carefully pretended that they
life – best friend…

But this scandal erupted last year when
Parker just accused Kim of disrupting the filming of the third part of the film version of “Sex
big city.» As argued by Sarah, Cattrall at the last moment refused
filming because were not fulfilled any of its “unreasonable demand”.
Kim swears she’s still a year before categorically rejected
the offer to star in the new movie stating that she is no longer interested. And
Sarah still continues to “tease” fans of the franchise with promises that
the film will be shot, and swears he cares only about how n
to disappoint viewers who have been waiting for the new movie…

It’s hard to say who really is, right
histories. However, the new movie franchise, it seems, will indeed be removed without Kim,
more precisely, without its audience’s favorite heroine Samantha…