Kim Cattrall has voiced a new claim to Sarah Jessica Parker

Ким Кэттролл высказала новые претензии к Саре Джессике Паркер
The actress doesn’t admit the guilt in the disruption of the filming of “Sex and the city”.

Ким Кэттролл высказала новые претензии к Саре Джессике Паркер

Kim Cattrall


The scandal surrounding the breakdown of filming the third
kinosikvela the cult TV series “Sex and the city” did not subside. It seemed
more recently, the producers of the project promised fans of the franchise quite a speedy start
her new film. Therefore, the message that the project is “frozen” became
thunder from a clear sky. And now inflames “disassembly” – who is to blame for what happened.

The sad news was announced by Sarah Jessica Parker. “This film will not be removed either now or ever! I’m scared
disappointed…” said 52-year-old actress. And
directly hinted that blame Kim cattrall, exorbitant claims
which supposedly ruined the project. According to rumors, Cattrall allegedly demanded that the movie Studio,
involved in the filming of “Sex…”, and undertook all other projects, which were
interested Kim.

However, Cattrall not only denied
the accusation of Sarah, but went to the counter. “My only “claim”
the thing was that I just didn’t want to do this movie. And said
this, incidentally, last year. As for the team that
worked on the project, I have every reason to blame her for the fact that
last year appeared in the press about me so much negative information. And it
refers, primarily, to Sarah Jessica Parker, who could and, more
also should have been nicer to me. I don’t understand what she’s against me
has,” said 61-year-old Cattrall.

Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon


In fact, the rumors about the feud
Kim and Sarah Jessica go for a long time. As claimed, the conflict between them
began in 2004, when they filmed the show. Then Kim demanded to increase
the fee is almost three times, thinking that the actor is no less important
role than Parker. Sarah Jessica really is received several times more than Cattrall. Parker, who was, moreover, the Executive producer of the series, was
outraged by the claims of Kim and felt that she had endangered the life of the project.