Kim cattrall couldn’t bear a child because of the “Sex and the city”

Ким Кэтролл не смогла родить ребенка из-за «Секса в большом городе»

Recently abate the scandal with the shooting of the third part of a feature film about four friends in “Sex and the city”, where Kim cattrall played the sexy and ambitious Samantha. According to her colleagues, Sarah Jessica Parker, who played in the series and the film, Carrie Bradshaw, cattrall began to make serious demands of the Studio, causing the fans not to see the third part. The actress denies the allegations and finally decided to give a clear reason for the refusal in the filming. According to Kim, it is because of the filming of the TV series “Sex and the city,” she never had a child.

Ким Кэтролл не смогла родить ребенка из-за «Секса в большом городе»

Because of the scandal, Kim cattrall and her colleagues Sarah Jessica Parker has soured relations. What only she wasn’t charged, because of her light will not be released the third part of the cult film. The actress decided to explain the situation to show Life Stories with Piers Morgan. She told the host why refused to shoot.

The filming was for an actress is not easy. Tight schedule and a lot of work to not give Kim give birth to children. The filming process began in 1998, when cattrall was 41. She was married to mark Levinson. Then the pair began to think seriously to do IVF, because the star could not get pregnant. “I was a little over 40, I just started acting in “Sex and the city.” Was the chances of getting pregnant with IVF, about this procedure at that time, everyone was talking. But my schedule… Shifts lasted for 19 hours and even more. Sometimes the Friday work day we had completed only on Saturday morning. Monday’s shooting began at 4.45 am and ended an hour or two at night. How would I able to combine pregnancy and work, especially at this age? It was about a very big responsibility. I never thought life would be this way. It was the first time I realized that I would not have children,” says the girl.

The absence of children only increased the maternal instinct of the actress, which so became a mother to many young actress. “Fate and time so ordered, that at some point I began to instruct young Actresses, was to play for them the role of the mother, aunt, friend. It helped me.” says cattrall.

Ким Кэтролл не смогла родить ребенка из-за «Секса в большом городе»

The saddest thing about what the fans did not want to know that the four best friends in the TV series “Sex and the city,” life was never close. “We were never friends. We were colleagues. In a sense, it’s much better because you clearly draw the line between professional and personal. When the show ended, we stopped seeing each other. They all have had children, I was 10 years older, plus after the completion of filming, I became rarely happen in new York. The only thing that binds us together and what we had in common, is a TV show. But he ended. Hate that now none of them come to mind just call and ask how’s it going,” says the actress.

Kim said that her play will no longer be about what is not sorry. The only thing she wanted was what would Sarah Jessica Parker was gentle. Says the actress, she wanted to start a new stage of life, not to continue to live the role of Samantha. Moreover, colleagues, cattrall younger than her 10 years, which in the beginning that it was difficult to agree on role in the series.

“Since I’m over 60, now I clearly understand how many years have gone and how much I still need to do something not done before. I have every confidence that my future is my only choice. It is my right. Ironically, this was the TV series “sex and the city”.