Kim cattrall commented on the accusations of Sarah Jessica Parker

Ким Кэтролл прокомментировала обвинения Сары Джессики Паркер

On Thursday, actress Sarah Jessica Parker announced that the shooting of the third feature-length film “Sex in the city” cancelled due to absurd claims of her colleague, Kim cattrall. The actress also commented on the words of Parker, explaining that she refused to participate in the third part a year ago.

Ким Кэтролл прокомментировала обвинения Сары Джессики Паркер

Catral denied the news that her demands have led to the end of the filming. But sources claim that his statements Kim wants to divert public attention from key issues. “Kim wants to distract from the fact that she “killed” the film,” says the source. “Cattrall said that she refused from filming in the third part, even with 2016, but sources say that first the actress only this summer, then Warner brothers have confirmed.

During the interview with Morgan on TV show Life Stories, the 61-year-old actress said that in the past year she repeatedly refused to participate in the filming of the third part. Moreover, at the moment, the actress has partnered with another Studio, which is preparing joint projects. “Very strange to hear such negativity from the press about what you say for almost a year,” says cattrall, according to the Daily Mail. “I’m not any kind of diva and not do not require. The answer was always no.”

Ким Кэтролл прокомментировала обвинения Сары Джессики Паркер

“I never asked for any money and projects,” continues the actress. “To think I’m some diva — this is an absolute absurdity.” Also the star said that the film crew of the project “Sex in the city” and she Jessica Parker in the role of a producer could be nicer.

According to some sources close to the stars, famous four has never been particularly friendly. “For anybody not a secret that the girls had their problems for many years. They are very talented, but don’t think for them it was easy.”

On Monday, actress Kim cattrall, who plays Samantha in “Sex and the city,” told Piers Morgan who was interviewing her that “she could be nicer.” In turn, Parker did not comment on the decision of his colleagues to refuse to participate in the upcoming filming of the next parts of the feature film about four fashionistas in the big city. Only on Thursday for Extra she said that there is no hope for the continuation of filming and the whole Saga of the series and movies is officially “over”.

Sarah Jessica Parker told Extra that the movie script was very funny and touching. “It’s not just disappointment that we are unable to tell a story and to get the experience, but more for people who wanted another movie,” says the actress. Rumors that filming third movies went much earlier statements about their closure.

On Friday, the actress posted a message on his Twitter account, where he reported that he did not want to shoot the new film in 2016. The next day she shared a tweet from fans about not to attack the woman who just doesn’t want to star in the film. She also serietitel another message, “Leave Kim alone. She doesn’t owe the fans another movie. The second was disgusting, and her projects are very lade nothing!”