Kim Cattral accused the producers of “Sex in the city” that remained childless

Ким Кэттрол обвинила продюсеров «Секса в большом городе» в том, что осталась бездетной
The actress explained why she refused the role of Samantha.

Ким Кэттрол обвинила продюсеров «Секса в большом городе» в том, что осталась бездетной


The scandal around the failed shots
third kinosikvela “Sex in the city” does not subside. Exchanging
initial accusations, the stars, who played in the franchise’s friends continue to fight.

Kim Cattrall that her
colleagues blame the failure of the shooting, still trying to justify to
disappointed fans of the project, so waiting for the new film. Kim said she had told the producers that no longer wishes to play Samantha and
explained to them his motives. “I was accused that I killed
Samantha. That’s not true. I freed her!” — said the actress. “I am 61 years old and I
turned the page, because for me this story is finished. Samantha’s not coming back
never again, I promise you, and I don’t have on this account slightest

According to the actress, she
made suggestions about how we can do without her character: ”
I am absolutely in vain do villain. I suggested, instead of Samantha, to introduce a new character,
that might help the plot. Or to give my role to the other actress – for example,
African-American woman…”

The only thing sorry
the actress — due to the crazy shooting schedule of the show, she remained childless.
“We worked for 19 hours a day. Often shooting on Friday ended only to
the morning of the Sabbath. And on Monday — in 4. 45
in the morning it all began again…” She started acting in the TV series, when she was already 42
year, and time ran faster, and the chance
Kim getting pregnant was melting… In the end, according to Kim, she
sent your unsatisfied maternal instinct to take care of
young Actresses and that she is partly comforted.

As for relations with
Actresses who played her in the TV series friends, here, Cattrall put it
very clearly: “We never were friends, only colleagues. We do
there is nothing in common. They all have children, plus, I’m 10 years older. So
that we have a completely different life. And while filming our last project
the relationship started becoming just plain unfriendly. And I myself here
can’t blame people…”

By the way, perhaps
fans of “Sex and the city” will wait for the new sequels. As already
it was reported that currently the issue of the processing of the script. Producers
thinking about how to kill a character, Cattrall.