Ким Кетролл рассказала о хронической бессоннице

Star of TV series “sex and the city” Kim Catrall admitted in a recent interview that he suffers from chronic insomnia, which led to poor health and the loss of lucrative projects.

“I never understood, what value for the body is a dream, didn’t know what exhaustion may result from its absence. It’s like a tsunami. I literally felt empty. I didn’t want to bring the audience, the troupe, playwright, so I had to abandon the theatrical production in which I had long dreamed of. This has led to criticisms of my fans, but I have my own point of view and enough strength to resist them in social networks. I have not just a week’s indisposition and serious illness. It’s a real battle,” said Kim.
Returning to the USA from England Catroll not slept for 48 hours, after which she had to wait another six hours to translate your eighteen year old cat across the border. On the usual question of a customs officer, how much is her furry friend, Kim began laughing hysterically. The actress suggests that an airport employee probably thought she was crazy, and Kim in a hurry to agree with him – for a long period of wakefulness without sleep had an effect on her condition and feelings.
To cope with their problems Catrall tried using cognitive-behavioral therapy, which have not yet yielded results. In late April, in an interview with British radio station, the actress was told that because of insomnia it is difficult to hold a thought and to do elementary tasks”.

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