Kids Pink can not stand her voice

Дети Пинк не переносят ее голос
The singer is trying not to be offended by a daughter and a son.

Дети Пинк не переносят ее голос

Singer Pink with children


The singer Pink, which collects the performances of the entire stadium audience, can not please
their own children! As described recently, the 38-year-old singer, she found that
10-month-old son Jamison absolutely can not stand her voice! “When I try
sing him a lullaby, he starts to cry! And it’s pretty insulting…” —
the singer admitted. Moreover, as explained
Pink, this situation has arisen not yesterday, the kid reacts this way to her
singing since its birth.

The saddest thing about this story is that her
six-year-old daughter willow is also not
a fan of her vocal talent. Even when she was little, she
said mother when she practiced at home: “Stop singing” you just Got
a terrible voice!” Worse than that, willow saw how Pink sings, but also as
she looks. The girl admitted: she’s shy when mom
accompanies her in the garden! And the reason for such a reaction
Willow is that Pink, the girl believes, uses a “wild” makeover
dresses weird and “actually looks like
as if pretending to be a pop star.”

still, at least the singer’s husband — Carey HART — endorses her work. Although, as
recently told the singer, sometimes her husband, sometimes incredibly annoying. “Sometimes he helps me and says the nicest things.
But the next day I may experience a strong desire to stab him
with a fork!” — said Pink.

The Singer Pink