Кид Рок тайно сыграл помолвку

Famous American comedian kid Rock secretly got engaged. On the finger of his beloved Megalin Echikunwoke appeared a diamond ring that the actor gave his passion. And this is when alive the wife!

With 33-year-old star of the TV series “CSI: Miami” the kid lives with April last year, while remaining officially married.
“Chris and Megalin very in love with each other. They are soul mates who want to spend the rest of our lives together. I know it sounds silly, but it’s true. They are born to be together” — said the insider.
The official representative of the Rock declares that he is not engaged, and the ring on the fourth finger Megalin, but insiders are telling quite another. The only obstacle in the way of lovers is his legal family – his wife Malak Compton and their two kids Lola and Zahra. The couple began divorce proceedings in December of 2014, but when it’s completed – it is unclear. Behind both nineteen years of marriage, and there’s some hard carve $ 70 million. Husband of kid’s also it turned out so currently. Constant infidelity is not can not affect the family environment. And it seems that Rock is not too worried about the opinion of your half. One day in 2004, he released a dirty joke on the air, Howard stern show about how once “removed” a girl for one night and then she tried to convince him that she is pregnant from him. It is noteworthy that many people who know Rock, this story was not entirely a joke – that this could happen to an artist and in life. As it later turned out, this story had a sequel – the FBI began a loud investigation of the swindler, rook from famous men to blackmail.
But back to our sheep. Of Chris ‘ friends claim that he’s not the type of men who needs marriage. They doubt that after the divorce with his wife the Rock to decide to legalize their relationship with Megalin. Perhaps they will remain in the status of the bride and groom.

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