Khrustalev and Barnabas went on a date

Хрусталёв и Варнава сходили на свидание

And how to understand it? Back together? Dmitry Khrustalev and Catherine Barnabas, ex-sweethearts and resident Comedy show Comedy Women, again seen together. On his page in the social network Dmitry posted a photo where he is sitting with Catherine at one stricom, prudently placing his hand on her knee.

“Any lottery in my life won, and there lucky. First place in the quiz “Shades of red” on the radio “Retro+”. Gift: dinner with Barnabas. Mentally, comfortably in proportion” — said Dmitry, as if preventing rumors about a possible reunion with Catherine.
Subscribers were delighted. It turned out that many of them still warm hope that Barnabas and Khrustalev are together.
We will remind that Dmitry and Catherine lived together for several months, but this spring it became known about their parting. Then Barnabas came during the filming of “Ice age”, which was attended by her lover, and it became clear that the lovers ran a black cat, and a few weeks later in mass media there was information that Catherine no longer lives with Dmitri, and that the couple broke up completely. Or maybe not completely?