Хромченко раскритиковала носки с туфлями

The Union of sandals and socks, triumphantly returned to the podium, was not supported in one of the most influential connoisseurs of fashion and style.

As summer offers designers many baffled – on the one hand, it is fashionable, and on the other contrary ideas about beauty, the editors of Woman’s Day decided to find out the opinion of a professional fashion Evelina Khromchenko.

“We have this amount of time, when we are forced to walk in knee-high boots in the winter, which in summer is not necessary with this experiment, – said khromtchenko Woman’s Day. — Most of these high summer boots – for those people who have the summer of a lifetime. And since we have winter all my life, and one that’s green, it’s acceptable for human life, wear shoes. Especially open. As for sandals with socks, I seldom saw that it was good. Even among trendy bloggers socks periodically look not too tactful in relation to General appearance. I would recommend instead of socks invest in a good pedicure”, she added.

Fashion shows season spring-summer 2016 has caused a storm of emotions among fashionistas – from delight to indignation. But here’s the thing: the thing returning trend is to wear sandals and shoes with socks this year has found enthusiastic support from several fashion houses. Models of shoes in different styles – from sporty sandals with a rubber sole to the classic court – combined with nylon and knitted socks and stockings on the catwalk released Versace, Prada and even Chanel. And that’s just the big names of the fashion industry.

Many fashionistas and bloggers succumbed to the trends and updated closet, but the Russian beauty in the most part is not ready yet. But high boots, another trend of this season, some came to taste.

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