Khodchenkova, chipovskaya and Ustinov are preparing for pole dancing in their new movie copyright

Ходченкова, Чиповская и Устинова готовятся к танцам на пилоне в их новом авторском фильме

The festival de Cannes, as we know, the event is not focused. In addition, there present their new work, the filmmakers, the film festival also bought and sold projects that in the future we will be able to see on the big screens.

One such project was the “Blood on the dance floor” — the result of the work of the creative team Ilya Stewart, Michael Idov and Svetlana Ustinova.

“Our history “Blood on the dance floor” by genre and mood can be compared with the first part of “the hunger games” or the painting “Through the snow”, – explained the idea of the project Michael Idov (author of “Londongrad.”). — The action takes place in Europe in the near future. After world war the society became conservative, women – creatures of the second class. The most popular activity – competition of Striptease dancers at the end of which the participants deal with. And here are the three main characters (also involved in the project Anna chipovskaya and Svetlana Khodchenkova) decide to destroy the system from within. All three Actresses are co – authors and co-producers“.

As later added Khodchenkova, the idea of a new script was born corny – the three Actresses-friends just wanted to come up with something for yourself.

“Not so many female roles are interesting to meet, especially combined in a single project. The idea of the picture we were prompted that we are all working on pylon, is our hobby” — says Svetlana.

Khodchenkova notes that their new creation still not on the strip or sex. The pylon in the film is shown rather as a device for sport, pylon – as an art form. “Everything will be sports-erotic”, — concludes the conversation Light.

Dates are not yet specified.

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