Khmelnytsky spoke about the divorce from Keosayan

Хмельницкая высказалась о разводе с Кеосаяном The actress admits that she did not regret that after 21 years of marriage their Union with Tigran came to an end. According to Khmelnitsky, it would be a completely different person if I hadn’t met my husband.

      Хмельницкая высказалась о разводе с Кеосаяном

      In 2014, all were surprised by the news that film Director Tigran Keosayan and actress Alena Khmelnytsky divorce. They were considered one of the strongest couples of the Russian show-business. Khmelnytsky is now herself raising daughters: 22-year-old Alexander and 6-letnego Xenia. She does not feel lonely, as it spends a lot of time with their heirs.

      Allen may not call family life with Tigran keosayanom error and does not regret that broke up with her husband. Two years later, after the break star of the film “hearts of three” was able again to feel happy.

      “In 21 years of marriage, we were those who are now. If it were not for this marriage, then perhaps I would be different person and Tigran too. Not worse, maybe even better, but other – as can be spared,” said the actress.
      Хмельницкая высказалась о разводе с Кеосаяном

      Khmelnitsky repeatedly said that after breaking up with Keosayanom in August 2014, their relationship even better. They still remain close and native people. Alena Melnitsa spoke about how building a relationship with your ex-husband

      By the way, a few months after the divorce, Alena surprised the public by appearing on one of the social events in the company’s PR-Director Peter Lidova. Journalists instantly attributed Khmelnytskyi new novel.

      “Even could not think that it will cause a wave of discussions. At that time I was a free woman, therefore anything terrible in it do not see. Peter is my friend, we had just walked along, looked good, so we immediately married. There is nothing between us, he got married, recently became a father – daughter was born, so he’s fine and I’m fine too”, – said the actress

      A woman doesn’t new novels, she is totally focused on the job. In 2015, the screen went pictures Three happy woman” and “the Secret idol” with the participation of Khmelnytskyi. The actress believes that filmmakers developed a certain stereotype about the heroines, which transforms Alain.

      “Somehow carries on the role of single women. Often offer the role of a strong and even tough heroines, because, perhaps, see me strong. But this is not true. The stereotype, apparently. After all, cinema is, as a rule, the world of types. But in life so often happens: a strong woman is often difficult to find a suitable partner. High demands, frustration, overpriced bar,” admitted Allen in an interview.

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