Хлои Кардашян поделилась планами на грядущий 2020 год

After a tumultuous and filled with drama 2019 due to the scandal associated with jordyn woods, Chloe Kardashian looked forward to the opportunity to focus on themselves next year.
Khloe Kardashian ready to put yourself first! 35-year-old beauty has posted a pretty clear hint in its history in Instagram about their new year’s resolutions on December 19, in which it was written: “the year 2020 is very personal. I owe a lot to him.” Quote received via a re-publication other account, but it seems that Chloe makes a pretty big statement about your approach to the new decade. She followed under the photo that says: “make Sure you don’t start seeing yourself through the eyes of those who do not appreciate you. Know your value, even if they do not. Although she didn’t name names, cryptic message certainly looks like it can be addressed to her ex Tristan Thompson.

Хлои Кардашян поделилась планами на грядущий 2020 год
Reality TV star seems more than ready to celebrate the new year with open arms, and we can’t stay away, after 2019, which she survived. Chloe the beginning of 2019, along with her ex Tristan, from which they had a charming one year old daughter TRU, Truth. Their relationship was already on thin ice after the NBA star was caught cheating in a moment of infidelity when she was pregnant. Then followed a turn of events, when news surfaced that he kissed at the party Kylie Jenner, jordyn woods, 22, at a party in February. After a heated moment between jordyn and Tristan, Chloe ended the relationship with Tristan.
The betrayal was a double blow for Chloe because she also had a close friendship with jordyn via Kylie, including the impact in her company to launch a clothing line Good American. After the incident, Khloe has openly talked about their problems, but eventually came to peace and forgive jordyn. “I have no negative or hateful feelings to anyone of them! Life is short! We are all people trying to understand this thing called life, ” wrote Chloe in his IG storis 5 Dec.” The reason why I decided to publish your post, is that I see a lot of feedback, people ask: “Why don’t I keep the old relationship with jordyn?”. This message applies to all parties to the conflict involved in the situation that ever caused me pain,” she added in a subsequent message.

Chloe also has led attempts to reconcile with Tristan to be the best parents for their daughter, maintaining a relationship is friendly and respectful. Tristan, however, it is clear that he wants to return to a more romantic relationship, giving Chloe a generous gift in the latest episode of “the Kardashians” and leaving a lot of Flirty posts on his IG. The NBA star also made it impossible, when Chloe released his new diamond fragrance for KKW Beauty, launching a massive balloon delivered to his ex. “I really appreciate the love and thoughtfulness of actions”, — told Chloe about the gesture.

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