Хлои Кардашьян получила в подарок бриллиантовое колье и выкинула его

Хлои Кардашьян получила в подарок бриллиантовое колье и выкинула его

28-year-old NBA player Tristan Thompson had previously been in a relationship with Khloe Kardashian. Relationships torn the girl herself, and all this time, Tristan tries to regain the trust and love of his former sweetheart. All the images he is trying to maintain her social networks, constantly falls asleep gives her flowers and balloons, but Chloe stands his ground. Thompson decided that his gifts do not impress Kardashian, so I decided to act more serious now.

Today, 3 December, Khloe Kardashian brought home a diamond necklace from ex-boyfriend. But here, Tristan was right, he was waiting for her emotions and joy, but will only receive a storm of indignation. Chloe was mad at him and sent the courier back, and after on Instagram to explain why this gesture is not acceptable for her.

In the post she wrote that she doesn’t want to give so expensive things for no reason. Turns out its always annoyed such venal actions on the part of the people. Also the girl is very angry the fact that at the moment she is not even home and totally in another state. Thompson somehow found out about it, and even figured out a room in the hotel where she was staying temporarily. This surveillance for its movement around the country even a little scary.

Chloe also told me another reason she took the necklace, was the idea that the NBA player might think that the girl forgave him, but this is not true. It is worth Recalling that the girl broke it off with boyfriend after found out that he cheated on her more than once. Tristan has repented many times and asked for forgiveness repeatedly, but, according to insiders, Kardashian no longer wants to renew a relationship with him. Anyway at this stage of life she is interested in finding new love. Now all my free time a celebrity is paid to the education of the infant daughter of Labor, which is a joint child with Thompson. By the way, to communicate with her daughter Chloe was never forbidden, moreover, the parents themselves have painted a schedule hanging out with baby.

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