Хлои Кардашян  на свидании со Скоттом Дисиком обнажает майку

Хлои Кардашян  на свидании со Скоттом Дисиком обнажает майкуKhloe Kardashian bares a shirt under your sweater buttoned long sleeve out on a date with Scott Disick…
Khloe Kardashian struggled trying to secretly have dinner with Scott Disick. She was wearing an unbuttoned black shirt, and glowed with happiness under the creams her face.
A modest lunch on Tuesday with Scott Disick is all that showed Khloe Kardashian to the paparazzi. 35-year-old girl did not open the blinds, which turned out to be hung and kept them in the cafe at Stanley’s in Sherman oaks, California, when she arrived on 8 October. Chloe was dressed in a black shirt with long sleeves, which was buttoned only two buttons in the middle of the garment, flashing his colored bra and massive decorations.

Хлои Кардашян  на свидании со Скоттом Дисиком обнажает майкуChloe was very sure that her Breasts attracted a lot of attention, adding a giant gold pendant on a necklace that hung over her bra. She also added large massive gold earrings-hoops to match and square black sunglasses. She gently laid her long blond hair in a tight bun to better show off their juicy jewelry. She wore light blue jeans with rips in the left hip — most likely from a long line of Good American denim to complete your overall image.

This unbuttoned blouse on Chloe seems a familiar image of a girl. On October 3, she was out shopping in white shirt large size, unbuttoned near the line of her bra. She wore nominal transparent lace bra and the exact same blue jeans, the only difference is that her hair was loose and she was wearing different shoes. Maybe she’s trying to start unbuttoning his shirt for the fall?
It is a pity that Chloe had posted this image to his Instagram, and then her ex-boyfriend Tristan Thompson wouldn’t have kept the photo is not seen.

He recently left tons of Flirty comments to her photos, and many fans believe he is trying to get her back. They are right, that told the couple: “He understands how much he was wrong with Chloe, and he will always love her and wants her back and will keep trying to get back to her. He won’t stop flirting in social networks and when you see her, when they have to solve issues regarding their child — Labor Thompson. They will be together forever, anyway, so he makes attempts to get her back, and he’ll never stop ” — share their thoughts journalists. “He really believes that he still has a second chance”.

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