Хлои Кардашьян снова в форме после родов

Baby Labor is already a month old, but the network still can’t forget the stress that had to go through the newly made mother. Chloe Kardashian was premature birth nervous, because for such an impressive period of time she learned about the numerous infidelities of the father of the child. The girl is much better, but again returned to form with the workouts!

Хлои Кардашьян снова в форме после родов

Almost two weeks Chloe comes out from the gym. She decided to actively engage in sports, to regain form. After the light appeared the baby Body, Khloe went a barrage of criticism from subscribers. The star herself could not believe my eyes when I saw myself gain weight, the photo taken by the paparazzi. It was a splash of cold water in the face of a Kardashian, and she immediately went back to training. Now she brags to critics of her body and admits that he had given it to her hard.

“It was much harder than I thought. I train for 11 days and feel fine, but very tired. My body is sore. It is like awakening after a long sleep,” – said Kardashian.

Chloe also said that the criticism of her mother furious: “I several times read your Twitter, and I really hate that some accuse me of obsession with her figure. Before pregnancy I spent in the gym 5-6 days a week. For me it is sacred! I love what I do,” added the star.

New mommy trying to recover not only for physical fitness but also mental state. It seems that 33-year-old Khloe Kardashian forgave her boyfriend, who recently had a baby. According to the Western portal TMZ, on Saturday, may 5, Chloe was spotted at a basketball match, which was attended by the team of Thompson. The girl came to support her boyfriend, who then, incidentally, won.

New parents after the match went to a restaurant in Cleveland, where he relaxed and communicated with friends. “They’re back together. And although none of her family doesn’t approve, she loves him a lot,” said the insider.

Chloe still forgave the cheater, despite requests from the family. Betrayal of the beloved Chloe and the father of the newborn girl became for them a real shock. This behavior is inexcusable, so the star family wants Chloe stopped with Tristan any relationship. “Tristan angered the whole of the Kardashian family. Now the main thing for all of them — to bring Chloe home and not to endanger the baby. Her family believe that her best interests to end the relationship with Tristan, but in any case they will support her to do,” he added.

Recall that in the network there are two videos, which depicted the betrayal of a professional basketball player. The first movie was published to the portal TMZ, who is not averse to find scandalous dirt on stars. The video is dated October 2017. On it the artist is not shy about flirting with two girls. Hugs and kisses — all this despite the third month of pregnancy Chloe.