Khloe Kardashian denies accusations of plagiarism

Хлоя Кардашьян отрицает обвинения в плагиате

The star of the reality show “living with the Kardashian” Khloe Kardashian accused of stealing other people’s ideas. Independent designer destiny, the owner of the brand Dbleudazzled Designs believes that the recently Chloe and then appears in public in clothes, exactly-in-exactly similar to her creations. Charges Kardashian received just a few days after a celebrity publicly accused someone from his entourage of stealing.

Destiny, which creates the images for Beyonce Tinashe and Fifth Harmony, immediately wrote to Chloe that her tweet looks very ironic.
According to the designer, sister Kim bought many of her clothes, and, slightly changing her, presented to the audience as their own creations.
“I was happy to create outfits for Chloe Kardashian, because she knew that if she would wear them, sales will go faster, but I was surprised when her sisters used my clothes in their lookbook, not knowing whose it was, especially as her own” complained destiny.
The designer has written a letter to the assistant Chloe, but she ignored destiny, and still continues to do so.
“I know that from the professional point of view it’s ugly, but I’m tired, when millionaires with no imagination steal ideas of independent designers. I don’t need fame for this scandal, I’m just the same as I” wrote the designer.
The representative of the Good American brand, owned by Chloe denies all allegations of intellectual property violations and promises to continue the showdown with destiny in court.