Хлое Кардашьян подтвердила беременность

Finally found an official confirmation of the rumors about the pregnancy of Khloe Kardashian. For a long time the public wondered whether the young star will become only the third mother to the Kardashian clan. Was baby-boom to be, because Chloe is really pregnant with first-born from her beloved Tristan Thompson. Kardashian put up on instagram post a picture of her and her lover to hold on to the rounded belly.

Хлое Кардашьян подтвердила беременность

In addition to the long-awaited photos, Chloe added a great post of gratitude to his beloved. “My big dream! We’re having a baby! I waited and thought about it, but God had his plan. He knew what he was doing. I just trusted him and was patient. I still sometimes can’t believe that our love created life! Tristan, thank you for the way you love me! Thank you for making me feel like I’m the Queen! Thank you for what you do so that I felt beautiful! Tristan, but most of all, thank you for what you did to me mom. You made this experience so magical, I never imagined such a thing. I will never forget how caring you were all this time. Thank you for what you make me so happy, my love!” says Chloe.

But not without the support of family and friends. Chloe explained why she kept the pregnancy secret. “Thank you all for the love and positive! I know we’ve been keeping it a secret, but we wanted to enjoy this time with family and close friends as long as possible. To enjoy these first precious time. Thank you for your understanding. I am so grateful, excited, impatient, excited and scared at the same time! But this is the best set of feelings that I felt!” the star admits.

In a relationship with 26-year-old basketball player Tristan Chloe for more than a year. If for her, this baby will be born first, then Tristan is already one year old son from a previous relationship. Like all other members of the family, Khloe is not seldom confessed in the reality show “the Family Kardashian”. So, in the finale of season 13 of the reality show “the Kardashians,” she joked that an athlete wants to create their own basketball team of children. “He wants five or six children from me. We will start with one,” so expect that this will not be the last child star.

It is expected that the child will be born in January 2018. The sex of the baby the couple was not disclosed.