Хлои Кардашьян и Тристан Томпсон отмечают Рождество вместе!?

It seems that Tristan Thompson received a party invitation to the Kardashian family on Christmas eve and even posing in a photo booth!
A few months later, after Khloe Kardashian posted to your storis in Instagram a photo where she looks happy in the arms of their father daughter Trew, the girl was showered with comments to be photos, questions and congratulations about reconciliation. Tristan Thompson was invited to a party on Christmas eve to the family Kardashian and have pictures to prove it! Canadian professional basketball player who was selected in the NBA draft in 2011, he posed in a photo booth, looked unbeatable in his elegant suit, wearing several bracelets on your wrist. Then he was captured in the background of the photo, while talking with someone, clearly similar to Chloe, who looked gorgeous in a revealing gold dress. Photos and short video from the party in honor of the celebration of Christmas can be viewed below.

Хлои Кардашьян и Тристан Томпсон отмечают Рождество вместе!?
This reunion and the resumption of communication with the family Kardashian was almost eleven months after Tristan was caught cheating, Chloe with one of the best friends Kylie Jenner, jordyn woods. However, he and Chloe despite the personal showdown must continue to work together to raise their daughter TRU, 1 year. Although Chloe has made it clear that the door on any potential renewal of the relationship with Tristan is shut, the basketball player continues to fill up complimenting her in the comments section in Instagram.

However, after a hard year of healing from the fact of treason Chloe seems ready to make 2020 as its year! “2020 is very personal. I owe a lot”, she shared in Instagram history for a few weeks before the beginning of the decade. “Make sure you don’t start seeing yourself through the eyes of those who do not appreciate you. Know your value, even if they do not,” continued the 34-year-old beauty. Although Chloe and Tristan, of course, reconnected, and the KUWTK star said that he wants Tristan has always had a significant place in the life of her daughter, their relationship is likely to remain very discreet and Platonic.

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Khloe looks gorgeous tonight! I wonder if True is matching

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Recently Tristan even went above and beyond to surprise Chloe at the time of the celebration of its launch of the new fragrance of the perfume “KKW Diamond Fragrance”, launching into the sky a stunning string of balloons, a moment which she publicly shared, showing it to all my admirers and fans. “I really appreciate the love and thoughtful deeds,” commented Chloe’s gesture for a former lover, adding that she is “very happy for all the moments they have spent together”. Life will escalate into something bigger their joint celebration on Christmas eve!

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