Khilkevich about the relationship with her husband: “there Are situations that knock us out of the way”

Хилькевич об отношениях с супругом: «Бывают ситуации, которые сбивают нас с пути» The actress and her husband shared their plans for Valentine’s Day. According to Lee, she tries to please the man she loved surprises. The star promised to show the social network that she will give Arthur.

      Хилькевич об отношениях с супругом: «Бывают ситуации, которые сбивают нас с пути»

      On the eve of the most romantic holiday, Valentine’s day, Anna Khilkevich and her husband Arthur starred in a bright and unusual shoot organized by the talented designer Bella Potemkina, which presented the new collection. The line was produced specially for couples. Boys and girls can now pick up t-shirts and sweatshirts with the same designs or to put things in one color.

      30-year-old star of the series “Univer” shared with “StarHit” experiences and told what she loves February 14th. According to Lee, she loved the photo shoot at Potemkina.

      “The shoot was incredible, exclaims the actress. The felt sense of celebration, everything is so beautiful, cozy, and the pizza is delicious.”
      Хилькевич об отношениях с супругом: «Бывают ситуации, которые сбивают нас с пути»

      Anna and Arthur try never to forget that the relationship takes work. As recognized Khilkevich, to keep the romance alive between couples is very simple.

      “We adore to do each other surprises, can’t live without it, says Anna. I will never forget how my husband turned my birthday into a real story: a huge number of bouquets, champagne, surprise, it was then, incidentally, he proposed to me”.

      Husband and wife admit that in common life there is a lot of fun if: they can play each other, bet on the money, but in the evening Anna and Arthur settled in cuddling on the couch watching your favorite TV shows.

      “He’s the kind, cheerful, sincere, and most importantly – with a great sense of humor,” said the artist.

      According to Anna, the secret of harmonious relationships is that people give each other love, support in difficult moments and help. The actress often shares in the microblogging family photos from travels and shots taken during trips with her husband.

      “Of course, there are different situations and stages that take us from the right course, but we are mutually trying to fix it,” said Anna.

      Lee promises fans to show your gift to your spouse on February 14 on Instagram. “As a rule, it is rather a holiday on which we give each other simple gifts, because usually we have a high standard query,” – shared the star of “Univer” with “StarHit”.