Kharlamov will be surprised: Kristina Asmus changed her appearance

Харламов удивится: Кристина Асмус изменила внешность The actress managed to impress the followers, who have become accustomed to its image of long-haired beauties. Now, however, fans were able to witness the actress with short dark brown hair. Kristina Asmus has caused a storm of discussions of her new image.

Asmus is famous for her role in the popular TV series “Interns”. Since then, fans used to seeing the actress with blonde long hair. Recently, however, she decided on a radical transformation: Christina published a photo in which she is depicted with short hair. Changed hair color – now it blue-black.

Fans were quite surprised by this unexpected change in the image of a celebrity. They began to share impressions about new hairstyles Asmus.

“I wonder, are all used to one way, and then – radical changes. Cool photo, interesting to see how a new hairstyle looks on a normal photos”, “Very cool photo. Such a touching way,” “don’t know, but it suits you very well, unusual”, “my husband will be surprised!” – talk followers.

However, there were also those who want to see Christina in the same way. Some felt that the dark color is not a delicate actress. “Christine, stay bright little angel. Black doesn’t suit you, makes you look older. You are lost in black”, “Christine, you blonde more,” he advised fans of the actress.

It is still unknown whether Christina broke up with a gorgeous curls or just tried on the wig for the photo shoot.

By the way, only recently the actress and her husband Garik Kharlamov no longer hide the face of their common daughter Anastasia. Now the girl is three years, and many fans agreed that she is growing into a real beauty. Nastya is very similar to his famous mother. The couple also publishes a funny short video in Instagram – of course, with the participation of the baby. Fans admire how anxious Kharlamov belongs to a little daughter and do not get tired to admire the harmony which reigns in their family.

Garik extremely happy that his life had Christina. He regularly and publicly makes her compliments and thanks fate for meeting. The famous showman loves lady and proud of her successes. Asmus, in turn, loves spouse and overly happy that she was able to create a beautiful family. Kristina Asmus: “Garik – master in our house”