Хабенский о болезни первой жены: «Сын боится с этим столкнуться» The actor and Director gave an interview to Yuri Dude, in which he spoke about his deceased wife Anastasia Smirnova was fighting cancer. In addition, Konstantin Khabensky and told about the filming of the acclaimed “Sobibor” and the kiss with Angelina Jolie.
Хабенский о болезни первой жены: «Сын боится с этим столкнуться»

May 3, on the screens out the film “Sobibor” Konstantin Khabensky. In the film played Maria Kozhevnikova, Christopher Lambert, Gela Meskhi and others. The main role went to Director of the military drama. In anticipation of the premiere the actor was found with Yuri Dude and gave an interview to his YouTube channel. Talking to the journalist, the actor told about the new project, the second season of the series “Method”, work in Hollywood and their loved ones.

“Sobibor” was the directorial debut Khabensky. Due to the fact that the artist combines two important roles on the court, he was practically sitting on the ground.

“I always run for a distance of 300 meters to watch for his return. I had thought that Nikita Sergeyevich was easier to shoot his first film “home among strangers, a stranger among his own”. Because there is less a role and more training,” he told the star.
Хабенский о болезни первой жены: «Сын боится с этим столкнуться»

In addition, Knightley spoke about working with Angelina Jolie. The actor starred with the Hollywood beauty in the film by Timur Bekmambetov, “wanted”. The actor said that Jolie was giving him artificial respiration. The actor himself has insisted that the star was involved in this scene.

“Even the American guards asked me what it was like to kiss Jolie. It was not a kiss and CPR. And when you have a mouth full kinokawa, and you need all this to spit out on angelina and her partner… Well, this kiss, if it can be called a kiss. (…) I insisted on getting CPR I did not a boy. I’m ticklish,” – said Konstantin.
Хабенский о болезни первой жены: «Сын боится с этим столкнуться»

Keira Knightley – the father of two children. The eldest heir of the actor Ivan was born 25 Dec 2007. Now the boy lives with his grandmother Inna G. (ex-mother-in-law star) in Barcelona. Ivan’s mother, journalist Anastasia Smirnova, died December 1, 2008 in Los Angeles. The woman struggled with a brain tumor. “You had a conversation with my son about what happened to mom?” asked the Dude Khabensky.

“Happen, – said the artist. He knows what happened, and our grandmother tells him constantly. She took on the role of mom. It is difficult for him, because for him, she and grandma, and mom. He knows what happened and understands, and is afraid to face it. There are many difficult conversations.”
Хабенский о болезни первой жены: «Сын боится с этим столкнуться»

The actor admitted that because of the huge employment it is rare to see my son. Even when John arrives in Moscow, the actor almost round the clock working. Especially now, when an artist is presenting his film “Sobibor”. “I can’t see him physically, talking to Ivan on the phone. Leave home at seven in the morning and return in two nights. Such harvest”, – said Konstantin.

Yuri Dude asked the guest to give tips to those people who are faced with a serious illness. The actor has been advised to seek professionals who will tell you verified the path, not the healers. At the time Khabensky and he consulted the witch doctor, but now regrets it.

“Guys-healers have a huge talent for talking and cut such denzhischi. Through this man was Alexander Abdulov. I flew to another country to meet him. Arrived in Bishkek, we sat there for 20 minutes and went back. I remember when I was shooting “House,” shared the actor. – This appeal, I think, very much taken away there is not the whole story. We used his gadgets and bells and whistles, was moved to Moscow. It was a big mistake that cost the second surgery”.
Хабенский о болезни первой жены: «Сын боится с этим столкнуться»

Dude asked Knightley how he survived the death of his wife. Responding, the actor admitted that he still can not quite come to terms with it.

“I didn’t expect to have so many really true and reliable friends that have supported me internally. This terrible situation suddenly very properly showed people. Helped me a lot… I can’t say that let go of this situation”, – said the artist.