Хабаровских живодерок отправили за решетку The court of Industrial region of a city has sentenced Alena Savchenko, Alina Orlova and their accomplice, Victor Smyshlyaeva. Young people accused of animal cruelty, as well as committing several other crimes.
Хабаровских живодерок отправили за решетку

Today Khabarovsk has pronounced a sentence on a sensational case of brutal killing of animals. On the dock there were two girls and one young man. According to the verdict of the public authority, they all leave the colony.

18-year-old Aliona Savchenko will spend behind bars for four years and three months. She was found guilty of animal cruelty, robbery, insult the feelings of believers, as well as inciting hatred and enmity.

17-year-old Alina Orlova received three years and ten days of the colony, and 18-year-old Victor Smyshlyaeva who knew about the crimes and, according to the investigators, helped the girls to shoot and edit video, was given three years imprisonment. Residents of Khabarovsk was also ordered to pay ten thousand roubles of indemnification of moral harm to one of the victims.

Before sentencing the young people were detained. In his final statement they admitted their guilt and asked to replace the real period of probation.

Хабаровских живодерок отправили за решетку

Previously, the prosecution requested the defendants to long prison terms, based on the fact that young people are not only mocking animals were treated, but also committed several other crimes, including especially heavy – robbery.

“According to our information, the Prosecutor has demanded Savchenko 7 years, 6 months, and Orlova for almost 6 years. As compensation for moral damage caused to family Stationery, who gave imodikum month old puppy, the victims asked for 50 thousand rubles, the charge was supported by only 20 thousand rubles. If there was only one article, “cruelty to animals”, they would “Shine” only 160 hours of community service”, – told reporters animal rights activist Natalia Kovalenko.

Process on young people took place between March and behind closed doors. Savchenko, Orlov and Smyshlyaev not only pleaded guilty, but repented. According to law enforcement officials, in the summer of last year, two at the time of a minor girl brutally murdered with no less than fifteen animals – cats, dogs and birds. The investigation was interested in them after the Internet there is a shocking photo and video on which they recorded their crimes.

Khabarovsk rivederci sorry about the perfect murder

During the investigation of the resonant case failed to establish that Savchenko and Orlov took money from one of the residents of Khabarovsk, threatening him with a weapon. One of these intruders also posted on social networks images, insulting the feelings of believers. In addition, girls and their accomplice Viktor Smyshlyaev took a video with the participation of men, “aimed at humiliating the dignity of persons and groups of persons by the recognition of belonging to a social group”, reports TASS.